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We can offer you lease programs that cater to your off-site FM customers. Your customer will not be aware of our involvement since the lease agreement is with your company. This program minimizes your capital expenditures and allows you to more effectively match the revenues from the FM contract with associated costs over its term.


Having the ability to offer your customer's alternative methods of payment for your direct equipment sales will certainly increase your third party sales volume. Your salespeople provide you so that they have the ability to quote a lease payment when completing the sale. The customer completes a simple one page application and faxes it to our central office. The processing time is normally less than an hour and both your customer as well as your sales representative is advised of the approval. The lease documents are either e-mailed or overnighted.


We can offer you a brochure with your company name promoting a captive leasing program with ACC merely managing the program for you. The lease application will also identify your company's name to the heading. This further highlights your company to the customer in offering additional services.


It has always been our goal to become an integral part of your marketing efforts. Working together, we can create any program which more fully supports your objectives... you tell us what you need and collectively we will develop the sales tools that work for you.

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