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Special Programs


Alliance Commercial Capital strives to be of service helping it's customers overcome their business problems. To this end ACC has developed programs that address issues specific to your industry.


We have developed a lease which meets FASB 13 financial test and yet is treated as an Operating Lease for income tax treatments. The company retains the tax benefits of property ownership, but gets off balance sheet treatment of the transaction. Therefore, the company need only disclose rental payments five years out, and need not disclose the debt associated with the lease except in a footnote. One of the benefits to this lease is compliance with banking covenants and yet maintaining the structure of a finance lease.


The Roll-Over program addresses the issue of rapidly changing technology giving you the ability of upgrading equipment which has been placed under lease. The Roll-Over program enables you to modernize your equipment at any point during the lease without the penalty of sitting with less productive equipment for the balance of the term. In the upgrade process, any value deficiency is rolled over into the cost of the new equipment and is amortized over the useful life of the upgraded equipment affording you maximum efficient use of your equipment. The Roll-Over program enables your company to work with the most productive new equipment on the market.


The Transitional lease starts out as a true operating lease and may be converted at some point during the lease to a guaranteed finance agreement. The Transitional lease gives you the choice to buy the equipment later at a price you agree upon today. It is the best of both leasing and financing worlds. The Transitional lease allows you to acquire new equipment today at low monthly rates and reconsider your needs at a predetermined later date at which time you can decide to continue the lease to termination thereby exercising the true lease option or purchase the equipment by paying a fixed option amount or commence the pre-approved loan payments on the option for the remaining original term. The Transitional lease allows you to defer your buying decision until you know for certain how long you want the equipment. Put yourself in control NOW with the Transitional lease.


Alliance strives to provide service to your industry, as market conditions shift,
ACC flexes to accommodate these changes. If you have a particular
situation that is unique and not addressed by our current programs,
talk to ACC and we will design a program to fit your needs.

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