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Health Care Alliance


HealthcareWhat makes Alliance Commercial Capital different from all other leasing sources? The main difference is our dedication and knowledge of the health care industry and our expertise in the financial arena, over for the past 25 years. We have the program assortment and flexibility you need and would like to get a better understanding of your practice. Armed with this in-depth information, we can shift 100% of our efforts to designing a program to fit your needs. The by-product of allowing Alliance to become part of your team is more FINANCIAL tools to better serve you!


Have you ever thought or expressed any of the following: "I wish I had leased instead of using our bank lines. Our lease is about to end and we have to come up with the purchase option. I wish we could spread this payment over the future useful life of the equipment. We are planning to expand our practice, how can we generate the funds to subsidize this expansion without going to our bank. Or we would like to acquire one of our competitors, can we use their assets as collateral to finance the purchase. The answer to all of these questions can be as simple as refinancing your existing leases and/or using existing equipment as collateral for an additional cash infusion. You may even be able to buy additional equipment without raising your existing monthly outflow. Understanding the health care business climate places us in a unique position in offering you solutions for:


Consolidation and refinancing your existing term debt to enhance cash flow as well as maximize efficiencies in administrating multiple loans and leases.


Replace equity and enhance working capital utilizing a sale/leaseback of existing equipment.


Acquisition of new practices as well as expansion of your current practice.


Operative and office build outs It has always been our goal to become an integral part of your team. Working together, we can create any program which more fully supports your objectives. You tell us what you need and collectively we will develop the financial solutions that work for you!

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