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Features of an
Alliance Commercial Capital Lease


We can help put you ahead of the race for competitive dominance, providing the

major equipment you need, or for your clients without expending significant capital.

  • Leases up to $75,000 reviewed on an application basis only without any financial statements.
  • Refinancing and/or Consolidation of existing debt.
  • Government leases that require non-appropriation clauses.
  • Real Estate Mortgages and other asset based financing.
  • Expert advice on terms and structuring.
  • Flexible terms.
  • Reasonable credit requirements.
  • Competitive monthly rates.
  • Versatility to accommodate your special needs.
  • Bridge and Interim Financing
  • Prompt funding.
  • "Startups" and "Financially Challenged" businesses.
  • Master Lease: a line of credit to allow multiple equipment acquisitions throughout the year -
    thereby giving you the benefit of the lower rate associated with larger transactions.




ACC has developed Special Programs that

address issues unique to your industry.


Roll-Over program addresses the issue of rapidly changing technology. Off-Balance Sheet Finance Lease-meets banking covenant while retaining tax benefits of property ownership. Transitional Lease allows you to defer your buying decision until you know for certain how long you want the equipment. Lease Line Of Credit is provided for equipment acquisitions--to be used as needed.

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